Acne Facial

tucson-acne-facialThe Acne Facial utilizes a medicated product line especially formulated for acne conditions. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated with gentle extractions under steam that helps clear breakouts, reduces congestion and controls shine.

LED red and infrared light is utilized to soothe and sterilize the effected areas. The combination of the medicated topical and the light promotes the reduction of overactive sebaceous activity while clearing congested follicles to minimize future breakout activity.

This Acne Facial has shown great results in improving stubborn acne situations in clinical trails.

Use of the ultraviolet light renders soothing results, reduces redness from the extraction process and sterilizes the related areas. Another benefit is the positive effect the Acne Facial has on acneic skin with rosacea.

This facial is excellent for teens.

Once the acne is under control, maintenance facials along with regular use of home care products is recommended to ensure maximum results.

50 Minutes

Tucson Skin Care - Aesthetician